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“Wow! Just took a look at the design and it's amazing. We love it!”

January, 2009

Logo design – Nikolaisen Contracting


Identity   Commissioned illustration for Nikolaisen Contracting Inc. Client's concept was to feature sources of green energy. Client: Nikolaisen Contracting Inc.

February, 2009

Logo design – Niemo Energy Inc.


Identity   Illustrated logo design developed from client concept. Typeface was modified to give it a molten metal appearance. Client: Niemo Energy Inc.

project date

Logo design – Energy Training Centre


Identity   Logo development for training initiative by Great Plains College in the energy sector.
Client: Prairie West Regional College (now Great Plains College) Website

2004 – ongoing

Branding and packaging development - The Berry Barn

box piking

Packaging   Brand development, design concepts, packaging research, and print management for client's ongoing product development. Shown above is packaging for client's line of Saskatoon Berry chocolates and Saskatoon Berry-infused herbal tea. Other label development includes preserves, bottled juice, iced tea crystals, and soap products. Client: The Berry Barn, Saskatoon Website


United Way Campaign Poster

United Way Campaign Poster

Advertising   Concept and design for campaign poster for United Way of Saskatoon and Area. The client wanted to project a positive message while utilizing the national campaign anthem, but yet provide a local context. Client: United Way of Saskatoon and Area Website

2007 and 2008

AE One Hundred Years Book Cover


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